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BYO Engrave Pattern

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***Grip Profile, Wood Type, and Protective Coating are all required to be added to your cart***

Choose a pattern to engrave over the entire grip. Patterns should not be used with grips that have checkering or any other custom engraving.

*Fractal Burning is random and can produce different results with different woods.


To build Your Own Custom grips, follow the steps below.

First you must select a Grip Profile <Click to Select>
Second, select the Wood Type of the grips <Click to Select>
Then you can optionally select a Stain Color if you chose Maple or Cherry Wood <Click to Select>
You can also optionally choose a final Protective Coating <Click to Select>
Last, you can either choose: 
--Engraved Pattern <Click to Select> 
--Engraved Stock Image <Click to Select> 
--Custom Image <Click to Select>