Collection: 1911 Compact Size

These grips will fit the standard compact size 1911 (Officer).  You can measure from the center of the top grip screw to the center of the bottom grip screw. Our compact size grips measure  2 11/16th" (68 millimetres). These are also the standard thickness of approximately 1/4" inch. They also have the cut out notch for a standard ambidextrous thumb safety.

It is important to make sure your firearm functions properly with after-market grips installed. Although the grips function properly on our firearms, you need to check all functionality on your firearm when installed.

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*** Yes, we can do custom laser engraving on our grips.  We will need a good image file (jpeg, png, bmp, tiff). Black & White or Gray-scale work the best. Base price is $65.00 for a custom set on Maple or Cherry if we do not need to manipulate the image a lot. If it is something more complicated, we will give you an estimate. We can also produce grips in other hard woods such as Walnut, Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Jatoba, or other available exotics. Use the "Contact Us" to get started. ***