I have been around firearms all my life and have been involved with shooting sports for many years. I appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into the form and function of a fine firearm. I believe when you buy a firearm, it is an extension of yourself whether it is for sport or protection. The goal of my company is to give gun owners a way to personalize their firearm and make it a unique treasure.

A good hard wood has a lot of personality and in itself can bring a lot of uniqueness to a firearm. Laser engraving is a fine tool to personalize any trophy.  So I started my company to bring engraving and fine hard woods together to help fulfill the goal.

I believe in hand craftsmanship and good quality.

  • We hand fit every pair of grips to our firearms
  • Even though we fit them to our guns, some manufacturers or models can differ. So, if there is a problem you can return them for a refund or we will work with the customer to make adjustments.
  • We prefer Hard Maple or Cherry wood because they engrave the best but we have access to a variety of exotic woods.
  • Our grips are NOT mass produced like other companies. We make grips in small batches, about a half a dozen pair at a time.
  • We hand sand every pair.
  • Staining and painting are all done by hand as well.
  • We work with each customer that wants custom grips so they get that personal touch.
  • Have engraved family crests, club & company logos, LE badges, military emblems, personal artwork
  • Custom Grips turnaround is typically 3 to 5 days.
  • We are constantly working on new grip model designs and acquiring firearms to insure correct fit.
  • We are always looking for ways to bring that uniqueness into our products. Such as our newly added Snakeskin grips or new wood selections.

Visit our facebook page "BrowneWorks" that I will post new things for the company.

See our Instagram for examples : @Browne.Works.Inc

If you are interested in our consulting services or any custom work, please use the Contact Us to send us a note. 

Main office located at 1036 B and L Club Rd., Pasadena, MD 21122