Collection: Rock Island Revolver Grips

These are replacement grips for the Armscor RIA M200 series of revolver pistols. The model M200 is a 4" barrel 6 round 38SPL caliber revolver.  The  model M206 is a 2" barrel 6 round 38SPL caliber revolver. 

*** We test every pair of grips on a M200 and a M206 before they are packaged to make sure of a good snug fit. We have found a couple customers confirmed that their frame was cut slightly more narrower. Those customers had ordered the larger grips that fit more like a clamshell and the grips could not tighten down enough. Some shims that we made corrected the problem for those grips. If the frame is too wide, some sanding may be needed. The smaller grips should have less of an issue but some fitting may be required if the frame is not cut correctly.

If you have any fitting issue, you can always contact us. (Never overtighten your grips screws.) If you want to check your measurements first, here is a quick place you can check if you have a caliper.


This is the bottom of the frame handle. Anywhere from 10.2 mm to 10.5mm should not need any fitting.


Here is a visual comparison of the Stock grips and our replacement grips.


Speed Loaders: 
The cylinder on These pistols do not swing out very far. Even with no grips on, there is only a couple of millimeters of clearance and the speed loader will not seat all the way to the bottom. our Large grips are slightly thinner than the plastic stock grips but you may still need to angle the speed loader slightly to seat the bullet heads in the chambers.  Our Smaller grips do give you more room but still a tight fit.
Also, I am not sure about all speed loaders.  Armscor recommends HKS model DS-A speed loader.  But, I have found that Zeta6 K-Clips work the best. They are very slim and not bulky.