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We can custom laser engraving on our grips. We will need a good image file (jpeg, png, bmp, tiff). Black & White or Gray-scale work the best. We can also do an image transfer with color image files.
Use the "Contact Us" to get started.
If you prefer to use a stock image or pattern on our grips, you can select the Build Your Own option to make your selections.

Newly Released - RIA M200 & M206 Revolver Grips.

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*** It is important to make sure your firearm functions properly with after-market grips installed. Although the grips function properly on our firearms, you need to check all functionality on your firearm when installed. Do not over tighten your grip screws.

*** Wood being a natural unique product and there are several different methods and tools people us to make grips, we can not duplicate someone else’s grips.