Our Checkering

Our checkering or diamond texturing will be similar across our different grips and profiles. We offer a wide variety of woods for our grips and not all woods have the same workability.  Some woods are harder than others.  Some will splinter.  Some will tear when cut.  Because of the different properties of the different woods, we developed a checkering that works with most woods.  There are a few that checkering just does not turn out very well.

The checkering would be considered on the coarse side.  The diamonds are approximately 2.5 mm apart and cut approximately 65 degrees across the grain of the wood.  The depth may vary because the the thickness of the different grips.  One thing to note, our checkering will not have "points".  Even with the hardest woods, "points" on the checkering will eventually break.

Checkering & Laser engraving - For the best result, laser engraving is best done on a smooth surface.  Checkering is done while the grips are cut.  Laser engraving is done after the grips are cut and the initial sanding is complete. If you choose to have an engraving and checkering, we will usually leave a small smooth circle or oval to perform the engraving.  The engraving will have to be smaller than if you had an all smooth grip.

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