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RIA - M200 & M206 Small Grips

RIA - M200 & M206 Small Grips

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Wood Type

For the Rock Island M 200 or M 206 revolver models.

These are a small grip profile that contours to the frame of the revolver.

*** We have found a variation in the width of the frame on some models. Some fitting may be required. ***

Note: The color and wood grain can vary!

Padauk - has a very unique reddish orange coloration, and the wood is sometimes referred to by the name Vermillion. This dramatic color may darkened to a deep reddish brown color over time.

Redheart - can be a very bright, watermelon red—though color can vary in intensity and hue. The color can fades to a reddish brown in direct sunlight and over time.

Fractal Burning is the process of passing an electrical current over the surface of the wood to produce a random lightning flash pattern.

Limited- These are a wood type that we have a limited supply and when they are gone we will not be able to restock.

Blue Angel -SpectraPly - Premium Grade, Dyed Birch Veneer Laminate in a Blue and Black

We do try to have a snug fit but be aware, wood and metal can expand and contract. Some fitting may be required with some light sanding.  Also, these are designed for newer frames that have indexing holes for alignment. If you have an older frame without the indexing holes, you may need to remove the nub on the back side of the grips.

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