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High Power (New FN) Grips - w/Standard Checkering, Red Heart

High Power (New FN) Grips - w/Standard Checkering, Red Heart

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High Power thin grips. These are specifically for the New re-designed FN High Power models. (Hi-Power, HiPower, HighPower, High-Power)

Cut from Redheart and has Standard center Checkering.

Aptly named, in some instances freshly surfaced Redheart can be a very bright, watermelon red—though color can vary in intensity and hue from board to board: anywhere from a light orange/pink, (similar to Pink Ivory), to a darker brownish red. In some cases, it can look quite similar to Bloodwood, though usually with a more visible and figured grain pattern.

These grips are hand crafted from various fine hard woods. Due to the nature of the wood,  and the hand craftsmanship, no two grips are the same.

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